Master Act

Master Act - applies to your property

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What is Master Act?

Master Act is an act that administratively regulates telecommunications entrepreneurs’ access to real estate. It imposes on the Owners, Landlords and Perpetual Property Users a number of obligations towards telecommunications undertakings, including in the field of providing information about:

  • contact details of the owner of the telecommunications cable, telecommunications installation of the building and telecommunications connection and entities using the contact point;
  • other telecommunications undertakings using the telecommunications cable, telecommunications installation of the building and telecommunications connection.

What is the risk of not fulfilling your obligations?

Failure to comply with the statutory deadline may result in very high fines (up to 3% of the Company’s annual revenue).

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The fastest solution for companies.


Best SLA on the market

Guaranteed connection parameters

Any pool of public IPs

Speed up to 10Gbps

What we offer?

Fast and secure Internet with market’s best SLA. Our service is based on our own infrastructure and resources, a state-of-the-art fibre optic network, numerous traffic exchange points and interfaces with international providers.

The fastest agreement-to-service installation time on the market. 24-hour access to the Customer Service, assistance of an individual consultant and access to technical support. We respond immediately to all orders, notifications, failures and requests of our customers.


Dedicated consultants

Permanent public IP

24/7/365 technical support

Speed up to 900/200 Mbps

What we offer?

The best solution for SMEs at a reasonable price, which ensures both a permanent IP address and quick website or Internet content browsing. The service is addressed at informed customers for whom the Internet is their key working tool.

Why choose Internet services from Intelligent Technologies?

Dedicated consultants

10 Gbps ready

Stable connection parameters

24/7/365 technical support

Optical fibre technology


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Traditional phone

Conventional phone

A conventional solution for companies and institutions.

Digital connection quality

Reliability and security

A flexible fee schedule

24/7/365 technical support

A to Z service

Although everyone wants to embark on the technological advancement train, it is sometimes worth to remember about tried and tested conventional phone connections. After all, they work even when the Internet is down.They are reliable, durable and guarantee stable connection. Though the functions of conventional telephony may be limited compared to more advanced solutions, such functions are not always even required.

Why us?

The current labour market sometimes lacks specialists who can handle such conventional solutions, i.e. to implement and maintain them. We have them on our team! A classic telephony solution is a building-based exchange and a physical cable for the telephone device, a building-based exchange or a customer’s exchange of any brand.

Why is our company worth choosing?

Dedicated consultants

Reliable PBX exchanges

We provide “wall-to-desk” wiring

Secure conversations

24/7/365 technical support

Advanced and durable telephone devices

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IP TV - watch what you want, the way you want, whenever you want.


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IP TV Max Super HD

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See all available channels

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What is IP TV?

IP TV is an interactive television, based on a specific type of communication between the broadcaster and the subscriber. It is possible thanks to development of as many as three information transmission channels. The only thing you need to use the service is high-speed Internet access.

State-of-the-art decoders

Three dedicated decoder models, which have been implemented to cooperate with our platform – MAG 250/255, Arris 1113 HD, Arris 2853 HD – equipped with proprietary SGT software, warrant problem-free operation for years and flexibility in adapting to the needs of our Customers.

What makes IP TV different?


Makes it possible to watch digital television simultaneously from two or more TV sets. The service does not cause any changes in quality of the signal received and the number of channels. Every decoder offers exactly the same digital television package, chosen by you.


Thanks to the video-on-demand service, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want – blockbusters, documentaries, concerts or the best television series – regardless of the current television schedule of the channel selected.

Jambox Online

It offers you a possibility of watching JAMBOX television channels, using such devices as PC computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Our on-line cable TV is sort of like a digital multi-room, but available to screens other than a television screen.

Ordering via remote control

A unique way of ordering additional television packages and services using your remote control – without having to call a consultant or click on the Web page.

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Enterprise IT

IT support for every enterprise.

Everyday IT support

Hosting and collocation

Cloud migration

Individual solutions

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What is Enterprise IT?

Hardware and software are commonly found in every office today. Such equipment is essential for efficient operation of the enterprise, however, its maintenance or technical support frequently requires specialised skills. Make sure you benefit from our experience and support.

What we offer?

Everyday IT support, commonly known as a helpdesk, can be provided remotely or by arranging duty hours of our specialists at your company and when it’s time to change the premises, we will migrate you and perfectly copy all IT systems and infrastructure at the new location.

Why is Enterprise IT worth using?

Support 24/7/365

Cloud-based solutions

Attention to data security

Operating costs optimisation

A team of professionals


AV system integration

Audiovisual systems integration

A suite of multimedia solutions for a smart office.

Projection systems

Video conference systems

Security systems

Digital Signage

Why is our offer worth choosing?

Meetings and presentations are a vital component of functioning of every company, institution and organization. In an environment, in which everyone expects more and faster, integrated audiovisual systems in conference rooms, lecture halls and multimedia facilities respond to the modern needs and objectives.

Projection systems

The projection systems we offer are tailored to your needs and potential. They include both conventional solutions and state-of-the-art touchscreens with built-in operating systems. You will be able to have a business meeting, deliver a lecture or conduct a conference quickly and easily.

Video conference systems

Communication is essential for every business project. Our business partners may be either far away or be reluctant to waste their time travelling. A good quality video conferencing system will solve multiple issues and make your transaction a success for both parties. We know how to build such an effective system. In addition, we offer you full integration with Skype for Business.

Sound systems

A modern conference room, auditorium., business meeting room or a training room is inefficient in today’s world without a sound system. Our systems include high quality equipment paired with intuitive controls.

Discussion systems

Say goodbye to everyone wanting to speak at the same time at a meeting, a panel, or a discussion group. A tool that enables the facilitator to prioritise speakers or queue them will allow everyone to have their say and make them audible enough thanks to microphones provided for each seat.

Why is our solution worth choosing?




Presentation appeal

Meeting efficiency

We will help you make the right decision.

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Data Transmission Links

Data transmission links

Unlimited secure connections.

Best SLA on the market

Guaranteed connection parameters

Quick service launch

Speeds up to 100 Gbps

What we offer?

Maximize your business efficiency thanks to our unlimited service! You don’t like limits that hinder your business activity? Get our highly reliable Data Transmission services even today to let your company work more efficiently. High quality data transmission will make it possible for your company to transmit sensitive data that must always reach the destination safely. Send all information you want. No restrictions.

Make communication more efficient thanks to an intelligent network! Your company has more than one branch? You want to make communication at your company more efficient than ever? Using our service, you will adapt the network traffic to your needs and assign priorities. Our intelligent network is everything your company needs! It is the best solution among telecommunication services.

Why is the service worth using?

Dedicated consultants

100 Gbps ready

Monitoring of any chosen parameters

24/7/365 technical support

Optical fibre technology

Advanced security

We will help you make the right decision.

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A professional wireless network for business.

Free or payable hotspot

An analytical tool

An advertising platform

500 Mbps per user

What is WiBI?

It is more than just WiFi, it is a modern platform for wireless Internet access for customers, tenants and guests, allowing you to find out more about the users. WiBI can be made accessible free of charge, or you can charge fees via a micro-payments module. It may also be used for information and advertising purposes with a personalised homepage.

How does it work?

It is enough for the guest, customer or tenant to get connected to the WiFi network, accept the regulations on the home page and start using the safe and fast WiBI network.

WiBI – key figures

1200 people

logged in during a single event – Microsoft Tech Summit

800 000 users

who log in monthly

63 cafes

managed through a single online panel – Green Cafe Nero

250 locations

where you can use WiBI

24 hours

service implementation time – NOAH Berlin 2018

23 terabytes

sent monthly in a wireless manner


For service and retail outlets

• Attract customers and gain their loyalty for longer
• Let them know about your current promotions and services directly to their mobile devices
• Know your customer thanks to complete traffic analysis
• Manage numerous outlets from a single administrative panel
• Even more precise heat maps thanks to accurate geolocation

For office buildings

• Free hotspot for guests in common areas or in the entire building
• Information channel for tenants and guests
• Dedicated building app to integrate the tenant community
• Additional services for reception desks

For offices

• First wireless solution for offices
• Quick installation (up to 48 hours)
• Up to 500Mbps per user
• Secure network thanks to the following technologies:

  • – Logical separation of users
    – Full integration with MS Active Directory
    – Integration with RFID gates for full equipment control
    – Integration with 4K face recognition system
    – Full compliance with BYOD

Events and fairs

• Unlimited number of active users
• Quick installation
• Technical support during the event
• Possibility for additional income thanks to the micro-payments module
• Option: provision of multimedia solutions during the event

Who can benefit from WiBI?

Shopping centers



Pubs and cafés

Medical clinics and hospitals



Medical clinics and hospitals

Fairs and events

Universities and libraries

We will help you make the right decision.

Whatever it is that your company needs, we are ready to cooperate.

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Property Solutions

Property Solutions

Tailored support services for property management

A single technology partner

Positive relations with operators

A package of additional solutions

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Legal Support for Owners and Managers

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What are Property Solutions?

The less visible their print on the environment is, the more professional Property solutions are –  particularly for maintenance issues. Today, the standard in property management is to ensure comfort and safety for all users of the facility by providing high quality services at the most advantageous real estate operating costs level and structure.

Apart from the classic telecommunication activities in the building that can be offered today, it is good to provide owners and managers with something extra. Creating added value in the offer can lead tenants to rethink favorably the workplace they have chosen and not want to move out. This is what Property Solutions is all about.

A service backed up by experience

Our solutions have been implemented in more
than 100 office buildings of the highest class in Warsaw,
Krakow, Wrocław and Gdańsk.
Property Solution means satisfaction of the Owner,
the Manager, and most of all – the Tenants.

Scope of partnership

Technology partner

Managing IT and teletechnical infrastructure for commercial properties, including maintenance, passporting and laying cables, management of technical area access.

Business partner

Preparation of teletechnical infrastructure lease and construction, negotiating conditions for cooperation with operators, generating income for the Owner.

Financial partner

Complete handling of service provider settlements and preparation of financial reports for the Owner.

Legal partner

Audit and analysis of agreements as well as preparation, feedback and conclusion of new agreements.


Generation of reports for the Office of Electronic Communications

Representing the Owner in interactions with and mandatory reporting to the Office for Electronic Communications.

Generowanie raportów finansowo-technicznych

Ongoing record-keeping of cable wiring and technical area lease, including roof. Ongoing passporting and keeping technical documentation.

Technical and legal audits

Comprehensive analysis of agreements concluded with Operators and Tenants, and inspection of the existing infrastructure condition.

Technical support

Ongoing infrastructure maintenance and extension if necessary, provision of access for Operators (remote hands).

Maintenance of relations

Building and maintaining good relations with Tenants and Operators.

We will help you make the right decision.

Whatever it is that your company needs, we are ready to cooperate.

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Video conferences

Distance doesn’t matter when you want to talk.

Any number of users in the company

Sharing of documents and presentations

Transmission and reception of video HD 30 fps (frames per second)

2 to 100 users per meeting

Why is the video conference system worth using?

It is the fastest mode of communication, which accelerates decision-making, enhances availability of professionals, allows for faster and more efficient introduction of new services and products, and, most of all, reduces the cost of business trips.

Anyone, anywhere, at any time

Communication is possible using traditional computers, as well as mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Vidyo makes it possible to get connected from any location. Internet access is enough to use the video conference tool without any restrictions.

Why is the video conference application worth using?


Any number of users in the company

Many additional functions

Simple configuration

Elimination of audio-video lags

Possibility of recording connections