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Meetings and presentations are a vital component of functioning of every company, institution and organization. In an environment, in which everyone expects more and faster, integrated audiovisual systems in conference rooms, lecture halls and multimedia facilities respond to the modern needs and objectives.

Projection systems

The projection systems we offer are tailored to your needs and potential. They include both conventional solutions and state-of-the-art touchscreens with built-in operating systems. You will be able to have a business meeting, deliver a lecture or conduct a conference quickly and easily.

Video conference systems

Communication is essential for every business project. Our business partners may be either far away or be reluctant to waste their time travelling. A good quality video conferencing system will solve multiple issues and make your transaction a success for both parties. We know how to build such an effective system. In addition, we offer you full integration with Skype for Business.

Sound systems

A modern conference room, auditorium., business meeting room or a training room is inefficient in today’s world without a sound system. Our systems include high quality equipment paired with intuitive controls.

Discussion systems

Say goodbye to everyone wanting to speak at the same time at a meeting, a panel, or a discussion group. A tool that enables the facilitator to prioritise speakers or queue them will allow everyone to have their say and make them audible enough thanks to microphones provided for each seat.

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