Video conferences

Distance doesn’t matter when you want to talk.

Any number of users in the company

Sharing of documents and presentations

Transmission and reception of video HD 30 fps (frames per second)

2 to 100 users per meeting

Why is the video conference system worth using?

It is the fastest mode of communication, which accelerates decision-making, enhances availability of professionals, allows for faster and more efficient introduction of new services and products, and, most of all, reduces the cost of business trips.

Anyone, anywhere, at any time

Communication is possible using traditional computers, as well as mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Vidyo makes it possible to get connected from any location. Internet access is enough to use the video conference tool without any restrictions.

Why is the video conference application worth using?


Any number of users in the company

Many additional functions

Simple configuration

Elimination of audio-video lags

Possibility of recording connections