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What are Property Solutions?

The less visible their print on the environment is, the more professional Property solutions are –  particularly for maintenance issues. Today, the standard in property management is to ensure comfort and safety for all users of the facility by providing high quality services at the most advantageous real estate operating costs level and structure.

Apart from the classic telecommunication activities in the building that can be offered today, it is good to provide owners and managers with something extra. Creating added value in the offer can lead tenants to rethink favorably the workplace they have chosen and not want to move out. This is what Property Solutions is all about.

A service backed up by experience

Our solutions have been implemented in more
than 100 office buildings of the highest class in Warsaw,
Krakow, Wrocław and Gdańsk.
Property Solution means satisfaction of the Owner,
the Manager, and most of all – the Tenants.

Scope of partnership

Technology partner

Managing IT and teletechnical infrastructure for commercial properties, including maintenance, passporting and laying cables, management of technical area access.

Business partner

Preparation of teletechnical infrastructure lease and construction, negotiating conditions for cooperation with operators, generating income for the Owner.

Financial partner

Complete handling of service provider settlements and preparation of financial reports for the Owner.

Legal partner

Audit and analysis of agreements as well as preparation, feedback and conclusion of new agreements.


Generation of reports for the Office of Electronic Communications

Representing the Owner in interactions with and mandatory reporting to the Office for Electronic Communications.

Generowanie raportów finansowo-technicznych

Ongoing record-keeping of cable wiring and technical area lease, including roof. Ongoing passporting and keeping technical documentation.

Technical and legal audits

Comprehensive analysis of agreements concluded with Operators and Tenants, and inspection of the existing infrastructure condition.

Technical support

Ongoing infrastructure maintenance and extension if necessary, provision of access for Operators (remote hands).

Maintenance of relations

Building and maintaining good relations with Tenants and Operators.

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